Kudos to Mark Sanford and Rick Perry  

Posted by Rob Barton

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I'm glad to see that at least two governors in this country have the good sense to tell his O-liness no to the bailout of states. Governors Mark Sanford and Rick Perry refused to accept state bailout money from the future President of the Socialist States of America. I guess that they realize that while things may be a little tighter now, they are not nearly as tight as they will be when all sorts of green strings are found dangling from the bait bribe bailout.

I am surprised that there were only two. I know that Palin was there, and I think Jindall was, too. That should have been at least four. I'll do a little more research and find out what they said about a state bailout.

Let's see, $34 billion for the states? What's the total up to now?


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