Fight Fire With A Cease Fire? Give Me a Break!  

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So the holidays are over. I took what was probably my first break from any kind of news since this time last year. I didn't watch it, and if it happened to be on, I focused on something else. Sometime yesterday, I actually caught myself wondering if I could stay outraged enough to keep up a daily schedule of posting, when I came across this wonderful piece of libtard crap from David Grossman in the NY Times:

Fight Fire With a Cease-Fire

NOW, after the heavy blow that Israel has dealt to the Gaza Strip, we would do best to halt, turn to the leaders of Hamas and tell them: Until last Saturday, we restrained ourselves in responding to the thousands of Qassam rockets fired at us. Now you know how severe the retaliation can be. So as not to add to the death and destruction that has already taken place, we intend, unilaterally and absolutely, to hold our fire for the next 48 hours.

Even if you continue to fire on Israel, we will not respond by resuming combat. We will grit our teeth, just as we did in the days and months before our attack. We will not be drawn into using force.

So Israel should give Hamas a chance to regroup and get some kind of cease fire drawn up? We have seen in the past how Hamas lives by the terms of its agreements.

Israel’s leaders know that, given the state of the Gaza Strip, it will be difficult to achieve a total, unambiguous military victory. Instead, we are more likely to return to the state of ambiguity we know so well from Lebanon. Israel will strike at Hamas and get struck, strike and get struck, get caught in tit-for-tat snares without achieving any real or vital aims. Despite our military strength, we will be unable to extricate ourselves, and will find that we have been carried away by a tide of destruction.

Mr. Grossman, do you not realize that this is exactly what you want to achieve with your appeasement? Israel needs to achieve a decisive victory. The only way to do that is to bring the hellfire. Instead of giving Hamas 48 hours to arange a cease fire, Israel should give the citizens of Gaza a stronger message. "We gave you your independence so you would stop attacking us. That did not work. You, the people of Gaza, elected Hamas to be your representatives in your government. Hamas has called for and is physically striving for the destruction of Israel. You now have 48 hours before the Israeli army and air force obliterate all systems of support for Hamas. Unfortunately for you, that would be your country. There is one way out. Unconditional surrender."

Ahh unconditional surrender. Remember when wars were allowed to end by one side admitting defeat to the other? Usually there was some sort of ceremony with the losing general giving the winning general his weapon and officially ending the war. I guess it's a good thing for Istael that the whole turn the other cheek philosophy didn't come around until Book II.