Does the Obama Jobs Plan Pass
The Sandwich Board Sign Man
Litmus Test?

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This guy is the anti-Joe the Plumber. His name is Paul Nawrocki, the Sandwich Board Man, and he is the face of Unemployed America.

Recently, Barack Obama released details of his plan to create 2.5 million new jobs. Think along the lines of using a tire pressure gauge to stop global warming. Let's see if maybe the former toy company exec would be interested:

First, he wants to replace the heating and air conditioning systems of government buildings with more efficient models. In order for Paul Nawrocki to do this he would have to be retrained from executive to HVAC repairman. I just don't see it.

Second, he wants to replace the light bulbs in all the government buildings with fluorescent squiggly bulbs. I just can't see Paul Nawrocki being a janitor/maintenance man.

Note: His O-liness claims that the preceding items would save the government "billions of dollars". I have an idea. Let's get all of the banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, automobile manufacturers, and state governments to use fans in the summer and to wear an extra sweater in the winter. We could be out of the Bailout Crisis in the span of two years!

Third, Obama says that millions of new jobs would also come from "the single largest new investment in our national infrastructure since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s."

Notice that he says, "millions of jobs" for the part about the infrastructure. For a plan that generates 2.5 million jobs that would mean a half million hvac technicians and janitors and a two million member road crew. Can you see Paul Nowraki in any of these jobs?


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