The Sandwich Board Sign Man  

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How bad is this? A 'sign' of the times?

Does this guy really think that he is going to get another executive job by walking around all day with a sandwich board? The people that do things like hire executives are way up high in the skyscrapers seen in the video. Rest assured that, were it not for CNN, they would have never seen him. Of course, if we don't bail out the auto industry, we'll be seeing lots of these sandwich board execs milling around the streets in Detroit.


Wouldn't this behavior disqualify him from getting a executive position. Is it any wonder the place where he worked went out of business.

I'm telling you, we need to make this guy more famous. Start looking into whether or not he is applying for his three jobs a week to qualify for unemployment. Whether or not he turned down any jobs, etc. I'll bet he's not a licensed sandwich board sign carrier, either. Ub my next post, I call him the Anti-Joe the Plumber.

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