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FrostyI was watching the local news with my wife, when an innocent enough story comes on about Frosty the Snowman coming to visit a Big Brothers and Big Sisters holiday party. I begin to smirk a little at the story, but say nothing.

My wife, however, who has great empathy, said, "Don't you think that the kids would have rather had Santa Claus show up?"

I replied, "They can't do Santa, honey, you should know that."

"Why not?!?"

"Because Santa is part of Christmas." I tell her.

"Well, Frosty's part of Christmas, isn't he"

"We-e-e-ll," I say. "You see, the thing is, Frosty is more related to winter than to Christmas. They can use Frosty more safely than Santa. Frosty is less likely to offend."

"You see, Frosty is not a legend handed down generation after generation about a Christian saint who actually made a difference in the world."

"Well, that's not fair," she said. "I'm willing to bet that even the non-christian kids would have rather had Santa Claus than Frosty the Snowman

"That's not all," I tell her. "The University of North Carolina has anned Christmas trees from anywhere on their campus."

"Won't that offend the Christians there?"

I just may make a conservative of her yet.


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