Michael Steele is "Open to Anything, Baby!"  

Posted by Rob Barton

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Thank God for Michael Steele! When I saw him on Cavuto yesterday saying that he would consider withholding RNC money from candidates who voted for the stimulus bill, my heart leapt. "Good," I thought. "The RNC doesn't need to be backing those RINOs anyway!" I mean, Neil really pressed him. He asked him point blank, "So, being open to that, baby, does that mean you would consider punishing them for that vote?"

In case you missed it, here is the video:

But the answer was not exactly yes, as posted by reporter (gag!) Jason Linkins over at HuffPo. Steele replies that the candidates will first have to answer to voters in their states at the primary level. He then says that if the state parties have a problem with the candidate, then so does the RNC. Now, if you have a slice of brain in your head, you will see that what he actually said was that there won't be a change of policy after all. If the candidate loses their primary, then the RNC will not back them financially. That may be the way Democrats want to do things, bailing out the losers and all, but that is not the way that the Republican party, or America for that matter, works.

Linkins quotes another blogger, Elana Schor, at Talking Points Memo, who said that Steele backtracked:

"It's totally up to the state parties," he told me, in a stark contrast to his comment on Fox that he would "talk to the state parties" about withholding funds to the three stimulus-supporting Republican senators.

Yes, he did say that he would talk to the state parties. I am sure, in the past, that if someone like Spectre or Snow were showing signs of trouble in the primaries, then the chairman might steer some high profile Republicans toward their state to get a little bump. But the campaign money wouldn't come until there was a winner, and that candidate would get funds because they won the primary and that's the way it works! I don't think they will get the kind of help that appearances and endorsements bring when it is their time for re-election.

He then makes that the claim that Steele backtracked (which I just showed that he did not) because he is afraid that the three would possibly caucus with the Democrats. Well, they should go ahead and do just that. It would be no loss to the Republican party if they lose three senators who are not adhering to the party's core principles. If I worked for the Washington Redskins and consistently did things that make the Dallas Cowboys defeat us, I would not expect too much support from the coach or the management staff. I would expect to be fired. But Steele did not say he would do that. In this scenario, Michael Steele is the coach, and the people of Pennsylvania and Maine are the management staff, and the management staff will fire anyone who is not performing up to their standards, ie senators who support small government and individual liberties and responsibilities.

You know what really gets my goat, though? This guy calls himself a reporter. I am relatively very new to the blogging world. I am a guy sitting at his kitchen who watches the news and reacts. I don't know for sure, and someone let me know if I am off base here, but I would think that people at HuffPo are professional bloggers. They may not get paid at HuffPo, but I am sure that the time spent posting there leads to hits on sites for which they do get paid. Mr. Linkins calls himself a reporter, but he can't be bothered to actually watch and listen to the video that he posted in his article. If he did, he might realize how full of crap he really is.


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