Libs Think We're Too Stupid to Have Novelty Lighters  

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Moonbattery put up a post about how the Libs in Connecticut have recently banned the sale of novelty lighters.

The ordinance will take effect Dec. 17. The fire marshal and city police officers will enforce the local law, which includes $100 fine for the “retail sale, offer of retail sale, gift or distribution of any novelty lighter within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of New London.”

Massachusetts senator Chris Dodd agrees with the ban. He has congratulated the town of New London. In July, he sponsored federal legislation for the ban.

In July, U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd introduced legislation with two other senators to ban novelty lighters nationwide. In a statement at the time, Dodd said, “While they may appear to be harmless toys, novelty lighters can be incredibly dangerous to young children.” Dodd plans to reintroduce the legislation in January.

The measure is aimed at protecting young children?  Who can be against protecting small children? Here is a less polished liberal democrat senator Gretchen Whitmer:

You have probably seen a novelty lighter before, though you might not have known it. Displayed in the checkout lane at your local convenience store or at a gas station with the racks of sunglasses and key chains, you may not recognize them if you saw them, because they look like small toys. And it’s due to this misleading appearance that they pose such a threat to our kids, and should be pulled off the market.

Novelty lighters can look like almost anything but a fire-starting device. They appear in the form of small cars or motorcycles. They can be musical instruments, tiny rubber animals, shoes, cell phones, or even fire hydrants. They come with sound affects, flashing lights, and may even play music.

Thank you, Senator Whitmer. Thank you for telling me what a novelty lighter is. I was really too stupid to figure that one out for myself. At least I'm not the one too stupid to use the word effects properly.

But while these novelty lighters are still for sale and can easily fall into the wrong hands, they will continue to undermine our efforts as adults to keep our kids out of harm’s way. It’s time that we put a stop to selling dangerous and deceptive toy-like lighters.

And while we keep electing these nanny staters, our government can easily fall into the wrong hands. They will continue to undermine our rights as adults. It's time that we put a stop to electing these deceptive, toy-like leaders.


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