Happy Birthday DWTB's  

Posted by Rob Barton

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Today, Down With the Drive-By's is one week old. In that time, we have had 75 unique visitors from 23 states and 5 countries. I want to thank you all for visiting the site. It does a man's ego good to know that you all have taken time out of your busy lives to spend a few minutes reading what I have to say.

I have no idea how good or bad those stats are for a first time blogger. I know my wife is (slightly) resentful of all the time that I have been spending on this project. This week has to be the worst as far as time spent picking out and modifying a template, working out the bugs on comments, reading news stories, posting here, figuring out things like twitter, digg, technorati, and delicious (I had never used any kind of social bookmark site before. What a wonderful way to get the word out.), and posting (hopefully) some profound thoughts on other blogs.

I would especially like to thank Scott over at Conservatism Today for taking time out of his busy schedule to respond to my intial e-mail, taking a look at the site, and offering some advice.

Thank you all, again. So far this has been a wonderful experience.



Congratulations on starting your blog. I like the layout.

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